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International PHOTOGRAPHER 📷 Supporting MarCom & Sales Teams to make NEWS❗ stand out in MEDIA Reports in Real-Time! WHAT I DO: Images are one of the key elements in today’s media hungry world and I shoot and deliver photos that can be INSTANTLY shared with the world and help generate buzz in the media in REAL-TIME ie. straight out of the camera as they get captured. Ideal solution for Your SocialMedia Team! WHAT CAN I DO FOR YOU: I can make sure photography service is worry free- that way you can concentrate on other important matters knowing the crucial photos are taken. Creating beautiful shots that serve your needs, offering excellent service and flexibility with a personal touch is guaranteed! WHY IT WORKS: When you are partnering with me you are partnering with a proven photography expert that has documented experience supporting MarCom & Sales Teams to make NEWS stand out in MEDIA Reports! WHAT OTHERS SAY: „Marko has the ability to transform photos into stunning works of art and does so with true passion and attention to detail.“ – Alexandra Glasow-  Event Manager bei RMI Analytics, Hamburg, Germany “It is always a pleasure to work with Marko! A very talented and sensible photographer, who has “the eye” for the right moment.” – Christian Clerici- Modereator, Author, Journalist, Film director, Actor, Designer.

Marko Kovič
Vorgartenstr. 145/3/15
Bezirk(e): 02 Leopoldstadt
Fachgebiet(e): Architektur, Familie, Mode, Portrait, Presse/Reportage, Reprografie, Weitere Kategorien, Werbung
Gegründet: 2015
UID-Nummer: ATU70030101
Eig. Fotostudio/Betriebstätte: nein
Passbild Gütesiegel: nein



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